New Consumer Units

If your looking for a new consumer unit in Burnley, Nelson, Colne or Blackburn then look no further than SDI Alarms and Electrical who have had many years experience in supplying installing consumer units.

A consumer unit is what replaces an old fuse board, so if a light shorts out the electric the fuse wire will burn out before a fire can start so its basically a safety feature.

These new consumer units don’t have fuse wire, they have small switches that trip in the same way but can easily be switched back on. A new consumer unit in Burnley is well recommended and is a bread and butter job for SDI Alarms and Electrical.

If your looking to rent your property then regulations mean that you must have a new style consumer unit installed. Not only that it is highly recommended to have a new unit installed as soon as possible as they are a lot safer and easier to use.